The Circe Order of Dog Blood

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357px-Circe_Offering_the_Cup_to_Odysseus by John William Waterhouse

"Circe Offering the Cup to Odysseus" by John William Waterhouse, depicting the sorceress Circe from Homer's Odyssey

While wandering through the dusty back-alleys of the internet, occasionally one hears whispers of a subject so unspeakably terrifying that it is rarely addressed directly. One such topic, regarding which I have heard mention of countless times during my years as an investigator into the occult but have still found precious little information, is an organization known as the Circe Order of Dog Blood (with Circe sometimes spelled Kirke). Believed to have been active in Southern California and perhaps Ohio during the early 1970s, this alleged Satanic cult has been blamed for, or at least linked to, acts of shuddering violence.


Most references to the Order are brief mentions of its possible association with famed cult leader Charles Manson, pictured above. There is no evidence to suggest, however, that Manson was involved with the Order’s administration. Some sources suggest that a woman identifying herself as Circe (a name harkening to the mythological Greek sorceress who turned men into pigs and surrounded herself with animals) was the central figure of the Order. According to author Adam Gorightly, Circe briefly owned an occult shop in Toledo, Ohio, where she actively accumulated cult members and led them in ritualized dog slaughter. Gorightly hypothesizes that Circe was and alter-ego of Mary Ann DeGrimston, ex-wife of Robert DeGrimston. DeDrimston is notorious for founding and leading of The Process Church of The Final Judgment, an early offshoot of the Church of Scientology. (Ironically enough, one of the Process’ retreat centers in Arizona transformed into the Best Friends Animal Society, a non-profit organization currently dedicated to animal rescue and welfare).

Robert DeGrimston pictured alongside Mary Tyler Moore in literature promoting the Process Church of the Final Judgment

Robert DeGrimston pictured alongside Mary Tyler Moore in literature promoting the Process Church of The Final Judgment

While very little is known about the Circe Order of Dog Blood, it has become something of a scapegoat for unsolved, gruesome crimes committed during the early 1970s. Author Bill Ellis mentions rumors of “Santa Cruz dog-skinners”, who may have been one and the same as the Order, or perhaps the infamous Four Pi Movement, a secret contingency within the Process. One inside source claimed of the Four Pi Movement that:

The ceremonies involved use of a portable crematorium to dispose of the bodies, a wooden altar adorned with dragons and a wooden morgue table. There were as many as forty people in attendance at these sacrifices. The instrument of sacrifice was a set of 6 knives welded into a football shaped holder. The heart was eaten…”

Ellis goes on to link the Four Pi Movement with:

…a group called “Kirke [or Circe] Order of Dog Blood.” This group allegedly met on the full and new moons on secluded beaches outside of Los Angeles to sacrifice black animals of all sorts, cats and dogs included.”

These organizations, including the Process and the Manson Family, are allegedly linked through this ritual of drinking animal blood. The Circe Order of Dog Blood, however, may have had the distinction of performing human sacrifice as well. According to Gorightly:

This mysterious ‘Circe’ also brought property adjacent to a location reported as being a site where satanic rituals involving human sacrifice were performed. In 1985, law enforcement officials dug up the site, discovering ritualistic paraphernalia, although no evidence of murder was uncovered. Shortly before the police raid, the occult shop in Toledo closed and ‘Circe’ disappeared.

And here, it seems, is where the trail dies. When it comes to scholarly discussion of Circe and her infamous Order, apparently speculation is the best one will find. Whether a sinister cadre that incinerated humans, skinned dogs, and drank blood, or just a suspicious organization with the misfortune of rubbing shoulders with the criminals involved in the Four Pi Movement and the Manson Family, the Circe Order of Dog Blood represents the horrifying fact that humans are capable of cooperating to commit acts of nearly unthinkable ruthlessness under the guise of religious ritual.

Some Further Reading:

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Here is an image that I couldn’t fit into this article, but I would like to share nonetheless. It shows a letter from Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard concerning the DeGrimstons:



  1. Merry Christmas from the Process Church | The Contrarian said,

    […] After the Manson Family killings, the Church began to suffer from bad press. Later, an unfounded connection to “Son of Sam” killer David Berkowitz further damaged their reputation. DeGrimston, getting more and more into the Satanic side of the cult’s cosmology, was ousted. Mary Anne MacLean divorced him and started — along with her loyal followers — a more traditional Jesus sect called the Foundation Faith of the Millennium. At some point, MacLean realized that you can raise more money through social appeals, and her group eventually became the Best Friends Animal Society — a multi-million dollar nonprofit that even has a show on the National Geographic Channel. Perhaps this is a way to atone for the cult’s previous engagement in the gory sacrifice of dogs? […]

    • Ross Keith said,

      Fuck illuminati.

  2. Saint Subversive said,

    Look closely at the picture of Mary Tyler Moore. It’s very obvious that her face was superimposed over someone else’s.

    • Igor Alexander said,

      I would need to see a better scan in order to be sure, but it really does look like the face might have been pasted on. How odd.

      Maybe The Process was so hard up for celebrity endorsements that it decided to create some in the darkroom and mail them to newspapers, crossing its fingers that the celebs whose faces it was using wouldn’t find out.

      Incidentally, can someone tell me what the deal is with Genesis P-Orridge and The Process?

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  4. Ross Keith said,

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  5. Ross Keith said,

    You Will Get Exposed If Its The Death Of Me. You illuminatas Fucks, You Can Catch Me In Toledo,Ohio. Rain Man Killer!

  6. Martin said,

    After reading your article, I did a little research and came up with a bit more info on Lady Circe. The following link is for an article in the Toledo Blade (June 21st 1985):,1634684

    It is a short feature covering the reactions of local witches to the 1985 excavation. One of the interviewees is Circe herself, who is described as an Earth Magic practitioner. She doesn’t have much to say, but it is interesting to note that, contrary to Gorightly’s assertions, she moved from Toledo to Detroit in 1978, and therefore was probably no longer running a shop in the city “shortly before” the raid. Nor did she disappear mysteriously; she gave this interview after the excavations began.

    You can scroll through the above back issue of the Toledo Blade for lots more info on the dig, although the front page (on which the first part of the story featured) appears to be missing…

  7. Martin said,

    And here is her obituary:,1088186

    No mention of anything untoward, just nature-based white magic. The name of her church is given as The Sisterhood and the Brotherhood of the Old Religion. She also requested that people send tributes to an animal rights charity in her name. Doesn’t sound like someone who sacrificed dogs to Satan. It could be a guilty conscience, I suppose, but the more I read, the more I suspect that the sacrifice rumours could have been born of malicious small-town gossip and chinese whispers built up around a “local character”.

  8. Ross Keith said,

    It’s The Hegelian Dialectic, To Promote Their Cause. To Make It Look Like They Are Against Something When They’re All For It. It’s All Political…….It Explains Why There Still Sacrificing Dogs On RailRoad Around Here, (They Tie Them To The Tracks.)
    ITS OCCULTS. YOU DON’T THINK THEY’RE STILL AROUND? Study The ILLUMINATI. This World Was Built On Secret Societies! What Side Are You On? WAKE UP!!!!!!!

  9. Martin said,

    Look at it this way – the only piece of evidence that links Lady Circe to the Kirke Order of Dog Blood is this one article by Adam Gorightly which is poorly researched and full of factual inaccuracies. Honestly, all I had to do was search through some old newspapers for half an hour to come up with solid evidence (including photographs) that she was NOT Mary Ann DeGrimiston. And the police never found any slaughtered dogs or humans at the site of their excavations.

    It looks like Gorightly just did a search for witchcraft-related people in the US calling themselves Circe, found one, and just assumed she was the culprit, without bothering to do any further research. Combine this with the fact that most other sources place the Kirke Order of Dog Blood’s HQ in SAN FRANCISCO (2000 miles away from Toledo), and the whole thing falls apart.

    I don’t doubt that there are lots of mentally and socially imbalanced people out there who do nasty things to animals (and people) and justify it in the name of stupid hocus pocus, but I do doubt that Lady Circe was one of them.

  10. Ross Keith said,

    Were You Also Aware That She Didn’t Only Have One Store In Toledo, There Was One On Collingwood Blvd. With Multiple OCCULT Shops All Over The City Some Across The Street From Churches. Including Starr Ave. WHITE MAGIC AND BLACK MAGIC ARE THE SAME, JAST A DIFFERANT NAME.

  11. Ross Keith said,

    Charles Manson Was Born In Ohio, You Don’t He Met Her?

    • Ross Keith said,

      i hate keyboards—You Don’t Think He Met Her?

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  14. Martin said,

    White and black magic are one and the same thing? Really? Then what about a guy turning water into wine, bringing the dead back to life, etc. What is that if not magic? The tenets of Christianity, Judaism and Islan rely just as heavily on belief in mystical and supernatural elements as wicca and druidism do. The only difference is the use of words such as “prayer” and “church service” in place of “spell” and “ceremony”.

    As an agnostic, I am not as much interested in the value of what people believe as I am in the value of their actual deeds. I don’t judge if someone believes in magic or spells or other mumbo-jumbo, but if their beliefs lead them to harm people or animals THEN I certainly DO make a judgment.

    I see no reason to believe that because Lady Circe believed in the occult she must have been involved in murder and animal sacrifice. More than half of the population believe in some kind of silly occult thing (astrology, crystals, spells, mediums, ouija, wicca, angels, cosmic ordering, etc.), and if even a noticable minority of them were involved in cruelty and sacrifice, we’d all be up to our necks in dead dogs and burnt offerings. I think Lady Circe (who’s real name, I’ve discovered, was Jeffrey Cather – sounds like a guy’s name but she was genuinely a woman haha) was just a harmless eccentric. In any case, I give her the benefit of the doubt.

    • Ross Keith said,

      The Meeds Practiced White And Black Magic, Occult Science. Everybody You See In Hollywood And On The Television (Mtv, VH1, BET, CNN, NBC, CBS, FOX) Are Casting Spells.

      • Ross Keith said,

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  15. Martin said,

    Hey: I didn’t know about the two priests sacrificing the nun. Interesting. I’ve never heard of that case. Do you have a link to a news report or anything, I’d like to read up on it.

  16. Ross Keith said,

    Look Up The Father Robinson Trials In Toledo,Ohio. It Was All Over The Airwaives And News In The Mid West. I Don’t Know About NationWide Though.

  17. Ross Keith said,

    I Grew Up Blocks Away From The Churches They Operated At. West Toledo And The SouthEnd. The Occult Is EveryWhere, My Family Has Even Bought Guns From A Church In Are Neighborhood……. This City Is Corrupt.

    • Justin Delsignore said,

      Why must you capitalize every word? Is it a cipher?

      • Ross Keith said,

        No Its Not A Cipher, Its How Ive Always Typed Since I Quit “Talkin Like Thiz”. Are You An Illuminati WitchCraft Lucifer Worshipping Scum!!!???

  18. adisa said,

    all of this is false! Lady Circe ‘s real name was Alma Mary Jeffries, she was born to Ruth Agnes (Dillon) Jeffries and Orrin Lynch Jeffries. Her grandmother raised her and taught her the ’Old Religion’ and later in life the little she became known as ’Circe’

    Lady Circe taught privately about the ’Goddess Diana and her Horned Consort’ in keeping with her Romano-Celtic tradition with those who would inquire. Her Craft roots drew from a family folk magic tradition that at a minimum extends over a hundred years in the United States alone. She opened a shop on Floyd Street in Toledo, Ohio and from the ’House of Circe’, Boutique of the Unusual’ she taught all who came ”Witchcraft and the Old Religion” and built a temple room in the building. Later she purchased a house at 2242 Parkwood in Toledo. In 1971 she incorporated the ‘Sisterhood and Brotherhood of Wicca’ later changed to the ‘Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Old Religion‘. She toured and taught as far away as California. From 1978 to 1986 she lived in Denver, Colorado and Detroit, Michigan. Her return to Toledo resulted in the Elderhouse for the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Old Religion and the Alliance of the Old Religion.

    Covens from the lineage of the Sisterhood and Brotherhood can be found from coast to coast and north to south in the United States. Lady Circe spent the last thirty five years of her life teaching, traveling and lecturing. She appeared on radio as well as television. She passed her Mantle to Lady Meshlamthea of Toledo, Ohio (Elder High Priestess of the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Old Religion); Lord Malachi of Kewadin, Michigan (Lady Circe’s High Priest and Founding Elder of Mistwood Circle, Religious Branch of the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Old Religion); and Lord Orion Foxwood of Laurel, Maryland (Elder High Priest and Founder of Foxwood Temple of the Old Religion. These three will head the preservation of Lady Circe’s teachings and legacy with the Alliance of the Old Religion (AOTOR). All daughter and sister covens will be eventually listed on this site and can be verified through correspondence with The Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Old Religion in Toledo, Ohio and Mistwood Circle in Kewadin, Michigan.

    • irrationalgeographic said,

      This is all very interesting. Do you have any sources for your information?

      • Ross Keith said,

        Why do you have a Skull as your Picture? Are You A 3rd Degree Witch?(Master of ILLUMINATUS Minor 3) of The “Anarchy Level” in Witchcraft? And Are You Also Aware That Skull And Bones Leadership is infact on that Level? Is Someone Aware Of You? Watch Out For YourSelf Manson Lover…

  19. Stephen Clair said,

    Interesting read…and a bunch of hooey as well. I met Circe when I was 17, in Marina Del Rey, CA. I was traveling with some friends of hers and she came to our hotel and immediately told everyone intimate details about their lives. She was working as an administrator in a private convalescent hospital. She called our room a few days later and I told her her friends were out and she said, “I called to speak with you”, which surprised me. She offered me a job, which I took.

    Circe was living on a canal in Venice with an astrologer named Jude, and another young woman…all very nice. But she had to go back to Toledo after a few months since Jimmy, her partner, was running her business into the ground.

    A few months after that we had some earthquakes and I decided I had enough of CA and had my friends drive me to the airport to leave. I went to Toledo and moved in with Circe for a little less than a year. She was a nurse and formerly a doctor’s wife. She had all of her fur coats from him cut up and made into a patchwork quilt on her bed. And YES, she said her name was Jeffrey B. Cather. So did Sheryl, her daughter, with whom I became quite friendly.

    She was a “white witch” and yes, evenings were spent in the kitchen around her table. I still make chicken soup like she did. I slept up in the attic, in a wing not far from where she made her incense.

    I studied in one of her classes but never was ‘initiated’ as I slept through it. A little down-trodden when I awoke and it was over – her response to me was, “you were not ready” so I let it go at that.

    But please don’t EVER equate her with dark arts or most especially Satanism, as witches don’t believe in God, therefore neither do they believe in the Devil. She sacrificed nothing, save maybe her time and patience with idiots.

    She was a very endearing woman, compassionate, entertaining, a fantastic cook, a good mother and loved by everyone that knew her. One of our circle of friends included a local priest who frequently spent time with us. Circe helped SO MANY people that were down on their luck, including me. She gave advice. She WAS most certainly gifted in tarot readings as she was extremely psychic.

    Some 30 odd years later I still find myself being thankful for having known this wonderful woman.

    I’m CERTAIN she is not burning in hell…as far as I can recall – she never even believed in it.

    Better to know what you are talking about, especially when there are enough people out there that do know the truth.

    Keep smiling Circe, I have the best memories of you and everyone I met through you.

    • irrationalgeographic said,

      Thank you very much for such a lengthy response. is the most convincingly complete anecdote about Circe that has come to my attention. Do you happen to know of any resources such as news articles or websites that might give more information, or confirm any of your claims about Circe?

      • Stephen Clair said,

        Unfortunately, I do not know personally of any articles and/or websites about Circe. But it was only 2 weeks ago when emailing a new cousin I met online while researching my family tree and he mentioned a psychic in his father’s family. That led to me recounting about when I met and then lived with her. He asked if she was still alive as he would appreciate a reading. My response was that this was well over 30 years ago and she was around 50 when I was 17 and I am now 55.

        My ancestry research is taking all of my time but for some reason – last night I decided to google her as I just found her old publicity photo in my scrapbook and scanned it. I wanted to see if there may be more photos out there for me to send to my cousin so he would know what she looked like. And I was surprised as well as pleased to uncover this site and know she is still a presence among us.

        She told me that it was she that had Wicca recognized officially as a religion in Ohio. She gave me my first set of tarot cards which I still have to this day.

        I can tell you that her neighbours: Sue and her husband and children loved Circe as did the couple next to them: I want to say their names were Jane and Bill but can’t be certain, but we all called them something familial, such as Aunt Jane… Very upstanding and decent people that had no issues at all with her.

        The teaching room on the second floor I totally remember with the Horned God above the altar. In the bathroom there was a picture of Tiffany Middlesex – a female impersonator, whom I met about 20 years hence and told her about seeing her picture at Circe’s. We were in Key West. She told me how they had met and formed a friendship.

        When I first moved into the house, we were all sitting in the kitchen and Circe asked me to get something from the fridge, which was in an alcove just above the cellar stairs. When I opened the door to the fridge I felt that something “tugged” me, trying to pull me down the stairs and held tight to the handle of the fridge so as not to fall down the stairs. I appeared in the kitchen white-faced and Circe looked at me and said, “pay attention in there…there are spirits in this house” and from then on I did.

        But there was an occasion when we spoke about white and black magic. Circe said that ANYTHING one in the craft does will come back (karma) either 3 fold or 10 fold. This was her decision to do only good.

        While she was working in Santa Monica, someone did use her altar to do some ‘black magic’. I wish I could remember her name. She was a short black woman. Shortly thereafter, this woman went into the hospital for an x-ray and simply died on a stretcher in the hallway. Circe said this was retribution for her acts.

        Another instance that stands out: Circe attended some meeting over the weekend in Michigan. While she was away Jimmy had a big party and he had sex with another man in her bed. Their relationship was odd, to say the least. Jimmy was openly gay, long flowing blonde hair and long fingernails. He was a gifted astrologer. He had the most fantastic robe…like a priest would wear. It was pleated in the back and had a very full ‘skirt’ that swayed when he walked. It had mink trim on the sleeves and hem.

        When Circe arrived home…she became furious the moment she walked into the house. She KNEW everything that went on. The doors of the china cabinet in the dining room opened and books flew off the shelves. The enourmous brass candolier (which had come from some church) began to sway back and forth. She confronted Jimmy and they fought. We came running when we heard her scream “he’s trying to kill me! He’s pulling my hair out by the roots”! We all ran to her aid and sure enough, Jimmy had two handfuls of her blonde hair in his clutches.

        But mostly I remember the music in the background most evenings when the shop opened at 11pm: Night on Bald Mountain played a lot, pipe organ music, and even Journey To The Centre of the Earth by the group Yes. I loved the hallway but I also enjoy haunted houses – perhaps because of my experience of actually living in one. The figure painted on the wall on the first landing of the front stairs would give the impression that it ‘could’ reach out of the wall for you and always made me keep an eye on it while passing by going upstairs.

        I imagine her last name, Cather, would be her former husband’s name but she didn’t speak of him all that much.

        I only know she taught me so much about life and karma; memories I treasure and hold dear.

        Charles Manson? Never heard a mention of him in the year I lived with her. Again – she knew what one did came back to them; it’s universal.

        Her ‘witches incense’ that she made in the attic, along with other scents, had a pearl ground up in a mortar and pestle and mixed into each batch. The scent was ‘heavenly’.

        On special occasions she made ‘sabbatical cakes’ which were crescent shaped yummy treats. She did prick her finger with a pin and put one drop of blood into them. That was the extent of ‘sacrifices’ I ever saw or heard of. They had a lovely anise flavour.

        Everyone took mythological names: Sheryl, her daughter was Medea, I was Apollo, Bill – a huge burly man was Sabilicus, I don’t remember Bobby’s name.

        But while it was not a typical family to many it was certainly a family to us.

        I remember her telling me she had been mentioned in several books by Hans Holtzer but never really explored them. I was just impressed by her amazing ability to ‘know’ things about people…and to share it.

        Naturally, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But one thing I know is that people (in the US) love to jump to conclusion and spread things they have heard without ever knowing the truth. That is part of the reason I chose to leave the country and now live in Canada…a much more temperate country and much more tolerant of other people’s lives and lifestyles and cultures. It suits me just fine.

        But thank you for keeping her memory alive.

  20. Stephen Clair said,

    Just remembered the neighbours names: Aunt Jane and Uncle Al. And Circe had only one shoppe in Toledo…not several of them.

    • Ross Keith said,

      Thats Funny Mr.”Clair” Because Circe STILL Has a shop on Broadway! In The South End. I Ain’t The One Who’s The Process’s Fool Dude. Everytime The OCCULT Mafia gets Exposed you all get pissed like the freak show’s that you are. You’re Philosophies were always fucked up, its been that way for Thousands & Thousands of years. Luciferians NEVER! win the way they think they do. They lose in the end…

    • Ross Keith said,

      Its On Broadway, Shill.

      • Stephen Clair said,

        Seriously? A dead person has a business operating? What a rube. Think what you like…you just show your narrow mind. I’m not a Wiccan and never was…just studied it while I lived with Circe. Since you cannot be made to believe she did not even believe in the devil, this is my LAST utterance to you.

        I’m not into any of this stuff, funny you seem to be. I only stumbled upon it using a search engine to find a pic of Circe.

        But flame on, if that makes your day. You are memorialized on here now forever and all to see.

        My statement reflected what I PERSONALLY saw and experienced when I was 17. Now I’m 55. But how a dead person operates a business TODAY…well, I guess that is magic, lol.

        I have to post this on facebook………..

  21. irrationalgeographic said,

    And thank you, Stephen, for giving us so many important details about Circe and the circle of individuals associated with her. I wrote this article as a curious student of history, piecing together the scant mentions of Circe and her work that I could find in an attempt to get as close to the truth as possible. You can imagine my shock when this article became the #1 hit when one Googles “Circe Order of Dog Blood.” This just goes to show how little information about the subject is out there.

    Since you clearly have detailed memories of your time spent in Circe’s company, as well as the thoughtfulness to share this information with curious readers, I’d like to know a bit more about some things:

    – Why is Circe’s name often associate with the phrase “The Order of Dog Blood”? Was her circle ever referred to by this name, or is it completely inaccurate? And did you ever know her to be called “Kirke”, either aloud or in text?
    – Similarly, why do you think Circe’s name is mentioned almost entirely in articles that chronicle violent spirituality? You describe her as a wise, warm, and non-violent person, but that is not the public image that exists in mainstream culture.
    – With astrology, communal living, and other aspects of Circe’s life (and yours) now accepted as mainstream and harmless, why do you think Circe’s name has been singled out by so many writers as a central figure in the use of black magic during the 1960s? There were countless individuals practicing these customs at the same time, yet Circe seems to have been identified time and time again as a personification of the dark side of occult practices and communal, spiritual living. She seems to have caught a lot of people’s attention and gained quite a negative reputation. Did you ever witness her act or speak in such a way that would gain such negative attention? And did you ever hear her mention Robert DeGrimston, or any rituals involving the sacrifice of animals or humans, even if she herself never practiced them?
    – Are you aware of any other occultists practicing around the same time who were also named “Circe”? Could your old friend’s bad press be a case of mistaken identity? This might explain the repeated association of Circe with California, violence, and various notorious cults, as well as her small shop in Toledo and friendly relationship with the surrounding community. We may very well be dealing with two different people merged into one by sensationalist writers and inaccurate historians who failed to see past a shared name.
    – Finally, would you be willing to share the publicity photo of Circe that you found in your scrapbook? In my research, I was not able to find a single image of Circe. I would truly appreciate the opportunity to see what this woman, about whom I have read and speculated about for years, actually looks like.

    Any insights you could lend would be invaluable to those of us curious about unique episodes in humanity’s history. And would, it seems, help correct the public perception of who Circe was and what she practiced. Thanks again, Stephen. And as further thoughts and memories come to mind, please know that Irrational Geographic and its readers will always value your comments.

    Andrew Flint
    Curator of Curiosities

    • Stephen Clair said,

      Hello Andrew…

      …and thank you for your questions and statements. at least now I understand the ‘method behind this page’ since I really had no idea about it.

      Quite honestly, when I goggled Lady Circe a couple of weeks ago purely to see if I could find a better picture of her than I had in my scrapbook, I was literally dumbfounded when I fell upon this page. In my entire life I have never heard mention of The Order of the Dog Blood. That is NEVER in 55 years.

      As to why Jeffrey may have been the one that seems to be singled out…after living in the US and now Canada, one thing I DO know is how the MEDIA affects the way people perceive things and start miscommunicating their opinions to others.

      It seems to me that by and large, the mainstream have always had and continue to harbour, a love of morbid curiosity. Put quite plainly, it sells. However, it also incites. Therein lies the problem. People seem too quick to believe something just because they read it, when in this day of technology you can barely believe things you see and hear with your own eyes and ears as they can be easily manipulated…think ‘sound bytes’ used by politicians. Just snippets taken out of context purely to incite the public for one’s own personal gain…Disgusting!

      Boy, you are testing my poor mind with this, but I will try to give you my impression about all of this.

      To begin with, I was raised Catholic, went to Catholic school, was an altar boy, one of our church organists and basically had one foot in the seminary when I was in elementary school…Everyone’s little angel – at least my mother’s and grandmother’s. Then I started to have questions when I was a teen. Our parish priests did not seem to want to discuss them. Decades later we would all find out that perhaps they were ‘preoccupied’ with their own agenda. The Vatican drives the momentum of the church, and depending upon which pope resides in the Holy See, the church is governed thus. It has so warped what Jesus was all about that personally I think if He were to return today, the catholic church would be the first to know His disappointment and gain his wrath.

      Back in the mid 70’s when I lived with Circe, she told me that “there would be two nest of snakes cleaned out: the first would be in Washington and the second would be in the Vatican” and those words certainly bore out exactly what she said; first there was Watergate and then the sex abuse scandal.

      The Circe in California I have never heard of but then after I left living with Jeffrey I went into the military. What she gave to me spiritually was a questioning mind, an openness to new ideas and a respect for nature. Little did I know it then but it would lead to an incredible love of history. Something that to this day ‘fills me up’ and I have learned more from travel and meeting people and finding what REALLY happened in different countries as opposed to reading it in some American text book.

      Just as with the UFO craze, there has always been a fascination with the occult. Many naturally equate the occult with the devil but they would be wrong, in my opinion. As science bears out, we are only touching the surface of learning what the human body is truly capable of and the powers (if you will) we each possess.

      I would suggest that people are the product of their environment, no matter where they are. Therefore, knowledge IS power. But as individuals we must all have a desire to enrich ourselves and grow. Hopefully that will lead to a realization that we are all alike. Some just seem to go to extremes for whatever reason.

      Normally, at this point I would google Circe again and try to find info on the west coast woman to whom you refer but my plate is so full with my own research now that I simply do not have time. I will put it in the back of my mind for a rainy day when timing is more appropriate for me. But suffice it to say that the public has always loved ‘witch hunts’ (pun intended) of any ilk. The history of Salem bears out an actual demonization of a certain class of peoples which, in the end, proved to be ignorant nonsense which resulted in murders.

      But then, how many wars were and are fought over ‘religion’? My own family tree carries within it many Knights Templar, preachers, priests, vicars, even saints.

      Traditional religion to me has been replaced by science. My husband has told me that religion was created as a way of controlling the masses and I believe there is a certain validity in that. People have a free will as well as a working mind…in most cases. Humans have always had a natural curiosity about life.

      In the sixties, it seems that occultism was ‘the flavour of the month’ for a period that seems to still exist. Enquiring minds want to know…
      But many do not seek out the answers to their questions. Perhaps they are too lazy. Some get lazier as they get older – perhaps due to tremendous pressures put on them by society and everyday life – perhaps do to numerous circumstances. Others, such as myself, yearn to learn more with each day that passes. My personal motto for two decades has been, “If I can learn something new today, no matter what it is, then I have had a good day”! I truly live by that.

      Humans are amazing creatures. But we are all, in the end, just another part of nature. Thanks to those such as Stephen Hawking, we can now explain with science the origin of life. It comes from the cosmos and the most basic of elements. It is when spirituality comes into play that people revert to their environments from which they draw their inspiration for the larger part.

      Much ignorance has given way to fact thanks to knowledge garnered over the millenia.

      To me, people are just curious, which is a good thing (right Martha?) and it opens one’s mind to amazing possibilities. Just this little foray into this page for me has added another dimension to my mind. It raises questions and makes me think as well as relive and remember. I simply cannot remember anything ‘bad’ about Jeffrey or Circe at all. Certainly not anything ‘devilish’ as she told me and those around us that she did not even believe in the devil, that “it was a Christian thing’.

      The US was first chosen during “The Great Migration” by those wishing to escape religious persecution. The original colonies were filled with the ultra sanctimonious, many of whom would be considered extremeists today. Or, they may be called “The extreme right: extremely conservative Christians.” The problem with that is how warped it has become over hundreds of years. You cannot force your beliefs onto another, nor should you even attempt it. And to kill someone that does not share your feelings is just absurd!

      These are some things I intend to cover in my own blog when I get the time to start up with that again. But I have so many projects now that I don’t have the time to include everything I ‘wish’ I could do at once. But I welcome debate on all subjects. If I can play some small part in helping to enlighten someone or at the very least get them to open their mind to a new idea and actually ‘think’ for a moment, then that is a reward for me.

      Once my research on my family tree is finished enough to suit me I do intend to write a book. Some of these points will be addressed in that book. But it all comes down to, “What have we learned from the past?” to me. And where are we headed?

      I do not envision the whole world holding hands and singing We Are The World, but wouldn’t that be nice?

      I don’t know if I actually answered your question satisfactorily but I have done the best I can with an already taxed mind and head full of still so many questions myself. But I do hope I have given you a glimmer of my insight into the fascination with the Lady Circe. At best, I have brought to light some basic truths about her. At worst, I have added fuel to those with minds so closed as to not seek their own answers.

      In her own words, “Blessed Be” or in mine, “Perform a Random Act of Kindness Today…For Tomorrow You May Just Be In Need Of One Yourself”.

      In all humbleness,

      Stephen Clair

      • Igor Alexander said,

        You’re trying to exonerate Lady Circe, yet you’ve just described an environment containing invisible “spirits” that try to pull unsuspecting people into basements (were they demons?), the worship of a “Horned God”, deviant sexuality (homosexuality), domestic violence, pastries made with human blood, and an occult shop that opens its doors at 11 at night (why at night?) and plays creepy music (one piece you mention is said to have been a favorite of Anton LaVey’s for conducting Church of Satan rituals). And while you don’t mention it, it would be hard to imagine that drugs — at the very least marijuana and hallucinogenics like LSD or mescaline — weren’t also part of the scene (in which case, we could add corruption of a minor to the list of unsavory things this woman was involved in, since you were only 17 at the time).

        Whether this Circe woman was into devil worship and blood sacrifice, I can’t say, but there’s nothing in what you describe that convinces me she couldn’t have been involved in those things.

      • rach said,

        Stephan my grandmother and father were taught by your wonderful fucking aunt. Imagine my suprise when I move to wiccan grandmas house whom is dead and strange things are happening. Then comes the old indian lady whom I don’t even know and she says o this persons here this ones here hundreds of dogs in the back yard fire pit in back yard o and did I forget to mention there were animal lovers? Asapc and her spirit is in that house they planned it that way. With there inward vortex. You are55 and very niave they dedicated me to that befor I was even born. I am covered in the blood of jesus so I will never convert. Some say I’m god fearing but I’m probably one in 10 that actually is. Your aunt was not cool or nice. But if you really think so then pack a bag and come stay in the house they ar
        In spirit are in and will remain then you can make a real thought on the matter. Need more proof? Ok my aunt is still alive and one of my customers also learned wicca from her as god above and jesus christ are my witness

    • rach said,

      I can answer your questions. I did not know her but I know what she did in toledo and with whom. How? Because the witch taught others who were curious and eventually fullblown convinced my grandmother,aunt,and my mom wiccan was good and not of satan. BULLSHIT! It wasn’t until.

      face got cut up and hair cut off by there church that eas the house I lived in

  22. Ross Keith said,

    You Had To Go And Justify Everything, Not A Suprise At All. Keep Hitting Me With All The BullShit You Got. I Don’t Think That Circe Would Have Told You Anything Since She Took The Oath And Was Sworn Upon The Penalty Of Death, Stephen! The MEDIA Is Owned Through The Illuminati, And Makes The Occult Acceptable. That’s Why During The So Called “Satanic Panic” People Didn’t Take It Seriously. You Actually Think Geraldo, Phil Donahue, & Oprah Took It Serious? No! Oprah Started Her Own Church, Has A Child Ring In Africa! Geraldo’s A Freemason! And Phil Donahue THINKS That Ayn Rand Was A Nice Person! They Were ALL In The Occult One Way Or Another…That’s The Main Reason Why Everytime You Turn On The Television It’s There. So Don’t Try & Tell People They Were Anti-Occult, You Know Better.

    To Begin With, You’re NOT A TRUE Catholic. If Anything I’d Say You Were A Gnostic & Current Member Of The Occult From The Information You’ve Given. Also, The Illuminati Killed 3 Popes. Thats Why Theres A Nazi There Now. Over 99% Of The Infiltrators (Agents) Within The Catholic Church Were & Are Actually YOU’RE Type Of People. Most Of The Occultist Are Perverted, Sick, Twisted Fucks. Plus, Mr.Clair If You Try To Say They Are Not Then That Explains What You Were Up To When You Were Living With Circe! Seems Like You Got You’re Own Type Of Agenda Going On.
    So, To All The Catholic’s Who Are Against The Gnostics, Against The Pagans, Against The Current Popes, Against What’s Happening In The Vatican, & The Catholic Schools, Stephen Clair Just Spit In Your Face! Also, The Occult Has Stolen And Warped What Jesus Was About So Much That Personally I Think That If Jesus Were To Return Today, The Occult Would Be The First To Know His Disappointment And Gain His Wrath.

    In Your Opinon “Witches Don’t Believe In God & Don’t Believe In A Devil.” That Statement Is Dis-Information, Witches/Satanist/Mason’s Worship Lucifer & Thats A Fact! Lucifer Gave Adam & Eve The Lie In The Garden That They Themselves Could Become Gods Witches Know That Jesus Christ Is The Son Of God That’s Why They Don’t Obey Him.

    You Sir, Are A Coward, A Disgrace To The Military, Your Country, & All The American Soldiers Who Were Slaughtered In Wars That Were Fought Over YOUR People’s Lies. You Have NO Fucking Right…

    You Know, You People Are Just Like The Red’s. You’re All Shills & Communist’. You Actually Own Communism If You Get To The Roots Of It. Plus, It’s Actually Horrorfying Rather Than Funny How Your Last Name “Clair” Is Similar To The Merovingian Family “St.Clair” Which Was Origially SIN.Clair! Strange How What You Were Involved In Would Lead You An Incredible Love Of FALSE HISTORY, Since You’re One Of Them.

    What, You Actually Think That You Are Normal? If Anything You’re Possessed. So Fuck You, You’re Philosophy & Your 13 Degrees Of Witchcraft!

    P.S. It Was Called Holy Toledo, Until Your People Moved In!

    • irrationalgeographic said,

      Dear Mr. Keith,

      Irrational Geographic was largely inspired by a love for intellectual disagreement and the spirited back-and-forth that results. Even if claims and accusations are made from a perspective of ignorance and heated emotion, I believe that they still have a place in the ongoing intellectual dialogue.

      But I don’t care for bullying, whether through bigotry, name-calling, or threats of harm. It contributes nothing of value to our collective understanding of the world and serves to silence valuable voices through intimidation.

      So, Mr. Keith, while I am sincerely glad that you’ve contributed your viewpoint to this conversation and hope that you continue to engage with Irrational Geographic if so inclined (especially if you do, in fact, have information about a shop currently run by Circe, who is widely believed to have died in 2004), I politely request that you refrain from doing so in a manner that hampers intelligent dialogue in the ways mentioned above. Here are some examples of harmful and mean-spirited speech that will no longer be tolerated:


      “You Sir, Are A Coward, A Disgrace To The Military, Your Country, & All The American Soldiers Who Were Slaughtered In Wars That Were Fought Over YOUR People’s Lies. You Have NO Fucking Right…”

      “I Will Expose ALL You Mothafuckers , From: The RAIN MAN KILLER!”

      I’d especially like highlight suggestions of extreme violence, as when you refer to yourself as “The RAIN MAN KILLER” or inform people that they will “BE SHOT DOWN” as completely unwelcome in this forum. Let’s keep the death threats to a minimum, shall we?

      And on a historical note, I believe that the phrase, “Holy Toledo” refers to the city by that name in Spain, not in Ohio. But the matter continues to be debated…

      • rach said,

        she did not die in 2004. She was raided for the second time here in toledo in late 2010 or 2011. And my customer knew her

  23. Church of Satan hit squads | zodiacmansonevidencerevealed said,

  24. Seanfuckingjones said,

    I guess you invite the Ross Keiths of the world with your moniker “Irrational Geographic”…site specific being Ohio in this case. I have to say the Illuminati talk is hilarious…

  25. Jen said,

    There is a shop still bearing her name, but obviously since her passing is run by someone else. My understanding was that she has been running a shop from her home in her later years.

    • Deb said,

      I visited Circe’s Parkwood Ave shop several times in 1973 when I was going to school in Toledo, Ohio. We used to buy incense there and I believe the shop opened at 6 pm. There was a cauldron in the front yard, and I remember a cat leaping from the porch and escorting us from the sidewalk to the door. The cat followed us everywhere through the house, too. In the rooms there were mannequins standing about, dressed in 19th century clothing, with what looked like snakes coming out of their skin. I saw Circe in the shop once….she was wearing a colorful dress and had a scorpion painted on her face. During one of our visits we weren’t allowed inside, although it was after 6 pm. A tall, dark-haired man with a beard answered the door and we asked if they were open. I remember him saying “obviously not” and the tone of his voice when he spoke those words was quite chilling. I moved away from the Toledo area at the end of 1973 but visited the shop one more time in 1977.

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