Irrational Geographic is dedicated to the exploration of historical oddities, natural curios, cultural peculiarities, and a wide range of other dust-covered notions and fanciful pursuits. Focusing primarily on subjects such as cryptozoology, ancient technology, epistemology, ontology, linguistics, and astounding individuals, this blog aims to consistently expose and explore the myriad subjects that make our universe fascinating, if not mind-blowing.

Irrational Geographic is maintained by Andrew Flint, a resident of Lenox, Massachusetts. Please direct any comments, inquiries, scoldings, words of praise, threats, or nonsensical mutterings to IrrationalGeographic@gmail.com.



  1. the whale is the zeppelin of the sea said,

    ambien rocks!!!!!

  2. BAKEZ said,

    you rock!!!!!

  3. i hate led zeppelin said,

    i lover you!

  4. pinhut said,

    Really impressive. I wondered if anybody had used the phrase “irrational geographic” and not only had they done so, but what I found was very beautiful. Onwards!

  5. Richard of Arlington said,

    Fascinating! Delighted to have found this blog. Look forward to more!

  6. wandering monkey dishwater said,

    why no posts? this blog topic and content is great. please do continue!

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